Pest and Disease Laboratory Clinic

Aria Agro Nova, with its many years of experience in various fields of agriculture, as well as its expertise in the prevention and control of pests and plant diseases, has been able to take a big step in this field. In order to solve the problems of dear farmers and produce Iranian quality products, this center has established a laboratory for diagnosing pests and diseases.

The engineers present in this complex have known all the pests and diseases related to agriculture, and after a long period of research and testing on them, they have been able to deal with each of them in new and up-to-date methods and solve the problem without harming them. Remove the plants, trees and even the crops of the farmers themselves.

This center can eliminate all pests and restore the health of your products by using new agricultural methods. Farmers can also talk to our consultants and ask them for guidance on how to prevent any pests and diseases that may occur to their trees and plants, and our consultants can analyze by phone or in person. The environment and type of plants, crops, trees and climatic conditions of the region, minimize the possibility of pests and diseases with their research and experimental measures.

Therefore, if you see any suspicious cases on your plants, please contact our consultants immediately and ask them for the necessary instructions in the desired field and avoid any arbitrary actions on your plants and trees, because You may cause serious damage to them that can no longer be compensated. So it is better to leave the health of your plants, trees and agricultural products to us.