Consulting for garden affairs

Before constructing a garden, garden soil should be examined from three areas. This is done to identify the soil, the strength of the soil and the weaknesses of the soil, and by doing so we can check how much nutrition should be allocated to it after planting the seedlings. All of these, as well as others, need to be analyzed to build a garden. If this is not done before the construction of the garden, your money and time will be wasted and in the end you will not get a good return. Let’s help you get the best result you want.

Agricultural affairs

Note that in order to cultivate and plant a crop, special attention must be paid to the climatic conditions of the area in question. In Iran, China, the United States and a number of American countries. The only reason this happens is because of the climate of the area to sow the seeds. Therefore, to grow a crop, you need to know enough about a crop and the weather, otherwise you will run into big problems. Was. If you do not have information about this issue, it is better for us to discuss this issue and get guidance from our consultants in this field and strengthen your activity.

Greenhouse affairs

As you know, greenhouse is one of the new and up-to-date methods of planting crops and plants in suitable climatic conditions that are manually provided for plants. Meanwhile, in the greenhouse, we must provide the weather conditions of the desired products and the method of watering the desired product. That’s why you can’t provide that for your plant by not knowing enough about your product and the weather conditions they need to grow. Aria Agro Nova engineers have information about all plants and products in the cafe and can help you with the greenhouse weather conditions by providing advice, and you can use our engineers to grow and improve your business.

Specialized rationing

Before constructing any gardens, farms, greenhouses, etc., we need to know what diet the plant needs for the future. Knowing this will make things easier, clarify the task, and feed the plants or crops or even the gardens. In some cases, the product in question has a disease for any reason and should be considered in the diet of the product. Aria Agro Nova promises you that it can analyze your plants and provide a proper diet plan for them. Give. Note that you must find out about your diet before doing any activity so that it does not become a problem for you after construction. Aria Agro Nova can be by your side in all the initial and final stages and guide you. Contact our consultants.